Burner Phone

What is a Burner Phone?

A burner is a low-cost mobile phone that is intended to be used once and then destroyed. Burners are purchased using prepaid minutes and do not require a contract. Although prepaid phones are sometimes referred to as “burners,” it is …

Microsoft IoT vulnerabilities

Microsoft warns of vulnerabilities in IoT products

Microsoft security researchers have disclosed a series of IoT (Internet of Things) vulnerabilities that could be used to bypass security controls to execute malicious code or crash a system. The security flaws are due to memory allocation integer overflow bugs …

Apple AirTag

Apple releases AirTag with focus on privacy

Apple has launched a new product at their “Spring Loaded” event called AirTag, which has long been rumored to be in development but has now been added to their product portfolio. Apple AirTag is a simple device that you can …

Apple IOS 14.5 ATT Privacy

Apple iOS new App Tracking Transparency feature (ATT)

Apple recently launched its new App Tracking Transparency in the latest iOS version 14.5. This new framework enables an app-tracking authorization request to the users and gives them the tracking authorization status. The App Tracking Transparency framework was developed to …

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