How to Make a Throwaway Reddit Account


Reddit is a popular website that allows users to discuss and share content, but you may not know that every post and comment is tied to your user account. This means that another user can research all of your posts and use this information to build a persona about you or even establish your identity.

Although your posts may not contain any sensitive or controversial information, what happens if you want to share a comment or post that you don’t want to be tied to your main account? This is where a throwaway account comes in.

A throwaway account is a temporary account that you can use to post and comment on Reddit without tying it to your main account. This means that if another user tries to research your posts, they will only find information about your throwaway account and not your real identity.

Why Use a Throwaway Reddit Account?

There are several reasons why you might want to use a throwaway Reddit account:

  • You want to post or comment on a sensitive or controversial topic but don’t want anyone to be able to research your identity.
  • Discussing personal or potentially embarrassing topics.
  • Disclosing sensitive information.
  • Talking about your work, company, or employment.
  • Any other information where you do not want to be identified.

A throwaway account allows you to post sensitive information without creating an audit trail of posts. This means that internet detectives will not be able to go through your comments and try to establish your identity.

Although a throwaway account helps create some anonymity, it doesn’t mean that you should share anything illegal, dangerous, or hateful.

A throwaway account should only be used once and discarded and forgotten about.

How to Create a Throwaway Reddit Account

Creating a throwaway Reddit account is easy and only takes a few minutes. There is no limit to the number of Reddit accounts you can create, and they are free.

To get started, you will first need a throwaway email address. This is because Reddit now requires you to use an email address to sign up. This email will also need to be verified before you can post anything.

Fortunately, some free online services can provide a one-off email address that can be used to create your throwaway Reddit account. One of the best that I have found is TempMail

Head over to, and the first page that loads will give you a randomly created email address. 

Copy this address to your clipboard, and then we can begin creating your throwaway Reddit account. Keep this page open until you have verified your reddit account:

Temp Mail

There are a few steps to take to get your throwaway Reddit account created:

1. Log Out of your existing Reddit account by clicking on the down arrow next to your profile name and then Log Out. Note: You may have to scroll down a bit to find the Log Out option:

Reddit Log Out

2. Click the Sign Up button:

Reddit Sign Up

3. Enter the email address that you copied from and click continue:

Reddit Sign Up 1

4. Create a new username or choose a random name from the suggestions, enter a password and complete the reCaptcha box. Click Sign Up to continue:

Reddit Throwaway Sign Up 2

5. Click skip, or choose one of the options on the next screen:

Reddit ThrowAway Sign Up 3

6. Reddit will require you to choose at least three topics. Select three topics of your choice and click continue:

Reddit Throwaway Sign Up 4

7. Reddit also requires you to join at least one communty. Choose one and click continue:

Reddit Throwaway Sign Up 5

8. Click Skip on the style your avatar page:

Reddit Throwaway Sign Up 6

9. The last step is to verify your email that you created earlier. Go back to and you should find an email from reddit. Click to open the new email:

Temp Mail - New Email

10. Click Verify Email Address to confirm the creation of your Throwaway Reddit Account:

Temp Mail Verify

11. That’s it. Your Throwaway Reddit Account is ready for use.

Important: Once you have posted or commented, make sure you Log Out of the throwaway account and log back in with your main account before continuing to use Reddit.

Final Thoughts and Caution

Although the steps above will allow you to create a throwaway Reddit account and post anonymously, your actions are still logged and your IP address will also be logged by Reddit so make sure to apply some common sense and don’t use a throwaway account for anything illegal, dangerous or hateful.

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