Cyberattack hits Iran’s railway transport hub

Iran train cyberattack transport system hacked

A cyberattack has brought Iran’s railway transportation system to a halt and created commuter chaos as trains across the country were canceled or delayed.

Hackers managed to breach the display board system at train stations across the country, replacing the content with messages saying “long-delayed because of cyberattack” or “canceled”. The hacked display boards also prompted commuters to phone for more information with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s phone number given as the point of contact.

Iran’s state broadcaster, IRIB, reported that the disruption has caused “unprecedented chaos at railway stations across the country.”

No one has come forward to claim responsibility for the hack, and it is unclear where the cyber attack may have originated from.

IRIB later quotes a state railway company spokesperson saying that computer technicians checked the disruptions and denied any significant delays had occurred.

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