Thursday, December 02, 2021

Cyber Attacks

Robinhood Breached

Robinhood suffers data breach affecting up to 7 million customers

Stock and crypto trading platform, Robinhood, has revealed that they have suffered a “security incident” where an unauthorized third party obtained access to personal information about their customers. Robinhood confirmed the attack in a recent blog post and stated that …

Kaseya REvil arrested

6 Million Dollars Seized from REvil, Kaseya Hacker Arrested

A Ukrainian citizen, believed to be the architect behind the Kaseya hack in July, has been charged by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) with leading a group that infected computers worldwide with ransomware. $6.1 million was also seized …

Twitch.TV source code and data leaked by hacker

Twitch source code and data leaked by hacker

Online streaming service Twitch.TV has been the victim of a hacking incident. Twitch has confirmed the latest hack of 128GB of data which has been leaked online. Twitch.TV is a website that allows people to broadcast gaming-related content in real-time.  …

Ransomware - internal threat

Dangers from within – The Ransomware affiliate system

The number of companies being affected by ransomware continues to grow worldwide. Ransomware gangs have been able to obtain significant payouts from companies in exchange for unlocking encrypted files or not publishing confidential data online. Such ransomware is typically deployed …

Australia accuses China of cyber attack

Australian government accuses China of cyber attack

New Zealand calls out China over “smash-and-grab” cyberattacks The New Zealand Government’s Minister for Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), Andrew Little, has added to the chorus of global condemnation over China’s “smash-and-grab” state-sponsored cyberattacks against New Zealand interests. “New Zealand is …

East Germany council declares cyber catastrophe

East Germany council declares cyber-catastrophe

An East Germany district council has declared a cyber-catastrophe after a cyberattack paralyzed its computer systems. The hackers managed to take down the IT systems, with the council confirming its systems will remain offline for the next week with no …

Iran train cyberattack transport system hacked

Cyberattack hits Iran’s railway transport hub

A cyberattack has brought Iran’s railway transportation system to a halt and created commuter chaos as trains across the country were canceled or delayed. Hackers managed to breach the display board system at train stations across the country, replacing the …

Ransomware Attack

Kaseya MSP software hit by a zero-day ransomware attack

Kaseya sent out an urgent warning to customers of a potential attack on its VSA tools, which tens of thousands of IT support companies around the world use.

PrintNightMare - windows server print spooler exploit

Windows print spooler flaw lets users compromise windows servers

A proof of concept for a new critical windows security vulnerability was published to GitHub before quickly taken down. However, the code was online long enough for cybersecurity researchers to copy and begin testing. The bug has been given the …

Rockyou2021 Password Dump

Hackers dump 8.4 billion passwords in compilation called RockYou2021

A new compilation of passwords collected from data breaches has been released and dubbed ‘Rockyou2021’ after the 2009 password compilation dump ‘RockYou.’ The collection was released for download on a popular forum for hackers. The new compilation contains 8.4 billion …

New Zealand Waikato cyberattack

New Zealand Hospital experiences cybersecurity attack

A major cybersecurity attack has brought down Information Systems at a New Zealand hospital in the Waikato region. The attack has caused the closure of all its clinical services today. The cyberattacks are against the Waikato District Health Board (DHB), …

Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Cyberattack

How do Ransomware attacks work?

Living in the age of technology, you must have heard about ransomware attacks at least once. You’ve either heard about it at work or read about it in the papers. Perhaps you’re seeing a pop-up alert about a ransomware infection …

Colonial Pipeline ransomware

Cyberattack shuts down U.S Colonial Pipeline

Developing story, updates below A ransomware attack against one of the U.S. top fuel pipeline operators, Colonial Pipeline, has forced the shutdown of its network, the company said in a statement. Colonial Pipeline provides millions of gallons of gasoline each …

Avaddon Schepisi Telstra Ransomware

Avaddon hackers steal Telstra SIM card data and demand ransom

Ransomware gang, Avaddon, has claimed to have hacked an Australian mobile phone dealer, Schepisi Communications, and are threatening to dump a large cache of stolen data unless a ransom is paid.  The threat comes after Avaddon published a sample of …

Microsoft IoT vulnerabilities

Microsoft warns of vulnerabilities in IoT products

Microsoft security researchers have disclosed a series of IoT (Internet of Things) vulnerabilities that could be used to bypass security controls to execute malicious code or crash a system. The security flaws are due to memory allocation integer overflow bugs …

Flubot Android malware

FluBot malware spreading rapidly on Android devices

A malware attack on Android devices is spreading rapidly across Europe, and there are fears that the attack could spread to other countries. The FluBot Android malware begins as a simple text message with a link to track package delivery. …

UnitingCare Ransomware CyberAttack

UnitingCare Queensland hit by ransomware cyberattack

Australian aged care provider, UnitingCare Queensland, has been hit with a ransomware cyberattack over Anzac weekend. The attack has crippled its IT systems, including staff email and patient management systems, forcing them to revert to manual, paper-based operations.  According to …

Mcafee Labs Threat Report 2021

The outbreak of covid-19 themed cyberattacks

With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020, many industries have experienced setbacks. From e-commerce to education, the blow of the outbreak of the virus has been no joke. Among most of the problems people face …

Monero XMR Botnet Prometei

Botnet exploits Microsoft Exchange vulnerability to mine cryptocurrency

Cybersecurity research firm, Cyberreason, has discovered a botnet that exploits the recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange server vulnerability. The botnet has been seen to be exploiting servers that continue to remain unpatched around the world.  The botnet, called Prometei, was first …

Apple Computer

REvil gang tries to sell stolen plans back to Apple

Cybercrime gang, REvil, has demanded a ransom payment from Apple to prevent the release of stolen confidential documents online. The gang has publicly claimed to have downloaded secret product plans of soon-to-be-released Apple products and is threatening to reveal the plans online unless a significant ransom is paid.

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