1Password Review in 2022 – How Good Is It?

1Password - Password Manager

One of the hardest adult responsibilities is remembering all of your passwords, but thankfully there are tools like 1Password to help! Password managing tools like 1Password were created to make our lives easier, but just how secure are they? And do they work? 

1Password is a password management tool created to solve the problem of keeping up with hundreds of different passwords. While there are quite a few different password tools out there, 1Password may be worth taking a closer look at for many consumers.

To discover how good 1Password is at managing your passwords, you must compare them to other service websites. Keep reading to learn more about what password managers are and how 1Password measures up.

Why Do You Need a Password Manager like 1Password?

The need for password management has hit a high, especially with all of the data breaches of the past many years. Most of the breaches involved hackers’ ability to capture weak passwords from people and then use them across several websites.

The reason for the many security breaches is that many people do not take security seriously enough. Additionally, with the different passwords necessary either at home or at work, they do not want to keep up with a hundred different passwords.

Because of this, they tend to reuse passwords across many different websites, even though internet security professionals have warned against it. This makes it easy for hackers to use the same passwords to access private information on other sites.

Another issue that makes password management a necessity is that people tend to use passwords that are considered weak to have some chance of possibly remembering them. The practice of using weak passwords can also make it easier for hackers to steal your password.

Using 1Password

1Password is a password management website created to solve the problem of keeping up with passwords across many different websites. The idea of the company is that they will store your credentials for you, so you only have to remember one password.

The company takes security seriously and provides many ways to keep customers’ private information safe from hackers. They do this through top-of-the-line security features, password monitoring, easy setup, and high-quality customer support.

1Password is a user-friendly password manager tool and offers both desktop and mobile versions. This allows users to protect their credentials on both their computers and their mobile devices, which gives them a higher level of security.

People who use 1Password enjoy the flexibility of being able to customize their personal vaults for the various types of passwords they may use. This includes creating vaults with titles such as financial, personal, work, travel, and any other sites you use a password. 

Another great feature that 1Password offers is the ability to hide passwords they would not want to be revealed when they are traveling. This is a feature that is not currently available on other password management systems.

1Password Setup

Customers who use 1Password have boasted about the ease of use of the entire setup and getting started process. After you have purchased your plan, you have to create an account to be able to access your vault. This step also requires you to set up your master password to begin building your customized vault.

It is also during this getting started stage that 1Password will begin to create your Emergency Kit to be stored in your vault. This kit will contain vital information you may need if you or someone else needs to access your vault in the future. The information includes your master password and all other passwords within your vault.

The Emergency Kit is designed to be printed out and stored in a secure location so others cannot access it easily. If something ever happens to you, however, a loved one or whoever you designate as your emergency contact will know where to access it and can then get into your vault for necessary reasons.

After you are all set up with your vault and kit, you can then decide how you are going to use 1Password, either through the browser, desktop app, or mobile app. You can also choose to download all three to give yourself some variety and better access.

The advantage of using the apps is that you can set up biometrics to aid in unlocking the app for more secure access. This is also where you can decide if you want to enable 2-factor authentication on your devices. 

1Password Security Features

1Password, like other password management software, is designed with top-of-the-line security features that was developed to keep hackers from accessing your private information. The information, including your master password, is encrypted and is so secure that not even 1Password personnel can access it. 

By the company not having access to certain login information, it is not only secure from employees in their network, but also it is free from being shared or sold to third parties for various reasons.

As with most companies like 1Password, their security begins with AES 256-bit encryption to protect your most valuable credentials. This also means that only you have access to the master password that allows you entry to your vault.

The encryption design is to add an extra layer of security to your devices to protect your credentials and private information. The Secret Key that is created works with your Master Password to prevent access to your data outside of your devices. 

Other security features include protecting your information by preventing phishing and keylogger attacks that can allow hackers access to your data. If there are security breaches in one of your devices, you are alerted.

Overall, the security model used at 1Password allows your information, whether it is personal or professional, to remain yours. The various features are designed to protect what you value most, which is all of the websites that store your personal information.

Mobile Version of 1Password

The mobile version of the 1Password program has a few more limitations than the desktop app or the browser view. Since the mobile version has fewer capabilities, not all features are as prominent are as easily accessible.

Watchtower reports, for example, are not accessible on the mobile version of 1Password. However, you can see some of the alerts that the software pushes through. The full reports of the security issues can be accessed on the desktop app or browser version.

The rest of the mobile app is said to be intuitive and easy to use for most users without the assistance of additional help. On your mobile device, you are able to toggle between the various categories you have set up and other features that are available.

Keep in mind that, like the desktop app, the mobile version allows you to set up a biometric sign-in to create a more secure experience. If this is set up, it can only be accessed with the fingerprint or facial recognition authentication that you have set up.

1Password Customer Support Options

Like other password management tools, 1Password does not currently have a phone number to call in for support. However, if you are having trouble with any of the features, you can access them in three other ways, including email, their forum, and through Twitter.

If you run into problems as you are setting up or using your 1Password account, you can email support for an answer. 1Password is well known for its prompt replies with extensive information to help you solve your problem. In some cases, you can count on getting a reply in less than four hours from an actual customer service representative.

In some cases, you may not want to email indirectly to ask a specific question to a customer service representative. 1Password has a forum set up where customers can pose a question and have other users respond to it. This is a way that the customers of 1Password can work as a community to help each other with common issues.

Finally, 1Password welcomes customers to post their questions on their Twitter account in hopes that either the company reps or other users can once again help each other out. This again creates a community atmosphere that many people enjoy when using new software.

Pros and Cons of 1Password

There are several advantages and disadvantages of many password management tools that are out on the market today. 1Password is not different since they cannot be everything for everyone. Like people are unique in their wants and needs, so is various software companies.



Other Features of 1Password

Unlike other password management tools on the market today, 1Password does not offer a free version of their tool. They do, however, offer a free 14-day trial of any of the other plans they have to offer. 

Depending on your individual needs, 1Password has a plan to fit just about anyone’s situation, whether you are purchasing the software for yourself, your family, or your business. The plans include 1Password Personal, 1Password Families, 1Password Teams, and 1Password Business.

As mentioned previously, 1Password has a unique feature not found in other password management tools. The Travel Mode is designed to protect your data as you are traveling. If you have the feature enabled, your information will not be visible to anyone while you are out of town.

As with other features, if you would like to set up your Travel Mode, you will access your vault on the device of your choice. Once you have logged in with your master password, you can access the various categories and either labels them “Safe for Travel” or turn off the access when you are traveling. 

It is important to note that if you should ever lose or forget your master password, 1Password cannot retrieve it for you. This is part of the security features they have with their encryption software. This is why they recommend printing your Emergency Kit and securing it where others cannot access it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, 1Password, like other password management software companies, takes security to a whole new level when it comes to your private data. However, some added features, such as their security model and travel mode, are why many customers prefer 1Password over some of the others. 

If you are still unsure of which password management tool you should be using to secure your credentials, keep in mind that 1Password has a 14-day trial so that you can give it a try. If you decide it does not meet your needs, you can cancel anytime.

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